Friday, October 2, 2009

The Week!

I don't have pictures to post but I thought I'd tell you all a little bit about my week. From the chemo I got two weeks ago now, my blood counts have taken a serious downfall. I've had to get I.V.s and shots and meds and all that, but the real treat was when they told me I was going to give MYSELF my own shots until my white blood cell count came up.. how could I be so lucky?? haha.. and they weren't kidding. Today I gave myself my 13th shot in a row. My mom has had to help me out a few times because I just can't get myself to jab myself with the needle! Unfortunately along with that, my red blood cell counts nearly diminished too! I was planning on just going in on wednesday for the normal chemo that I get and they called us early the morning of and said I need to come to primary childrens right then to get blood! Man I can't tell you how fun that day was. I think me and my poor mom sat in the hospital for over 9 hours. I kept telling my mom that for the first time I was just pissed off... and to top it off.. the blood made me sicker than I've felt almost this whole time. But the bright thing is that the color came back into my face and I had a bit more energy than before. Its amazing what happens when your blood is dead haha. The next day I went to the IMED in Murry to get needle biopsies... sounds fun right? ... wrong! I didn't realize it was a legit procedure.. hospital gown... sedation.. the whole package. They only knocked me out enough to keep me calm so I clearly remember all 3 of the 8 inch needles that went in my leg.. needles don't normally scare me but that was a bit much for me. I also got all set up for the radiation that I will start next week. I never thought I'd be one to get a tatoo... but I got 5!!! haha (they tatoo little dots on you to line you up to the radiation machine perfectly). They also do that with needles. My home health nurse is so sweet but she can't seem to hit my veins. She pokes me over and over again.. and finally today I told my mom... ENOUGH WITH THE NEEDLES! haha but I know I have much more to come! Anyways it's been a fun and exciting week.. and believe it or not I'm happy to be here! love you all!