Friday, April 23, 2010

I know it has been forever since I've updated my blog! Sorry about that for all my blog followers.. In the time since I last updated I have been continuing chemo treatments almost every week. But when ever I've had a break I've been fortunate enough to be able to pass the time by going somewhere away from home. I went to St. George and spent time with my friends there and then went again with the fam. We were bad at taking pictures so I don't have any to show. Then my oldest sister Michelle let me go with her and the American Fork High School cheerleaders to their National Competition in California. We got to go to Disney Land and with me in a wheelchair we got to the front of the lines which was awesome:) I definitely recommend it haha. In the middle of my last two treatments my sister Jackie and I decided to go visit one of my other sisters in Arizona for the first time( I've got lots of sisters:)haha) Luckily Kimber and Jackie were good at taking pictures so I actually have proof of our trip! It was about 85-95 degrees the whole time we were there and my goal was to come back the tannest cancer patient at PCMC:) When I told my doctor my goal she said.. "oh so having cancer twice already isn't enough for you yet? Your going to try and get skin cancer too??" haha good point.. so I was really good about wearing sunscreen for the first time in my life haha.. enjoy the pics:)

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