Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I finally decided after many other hair pulling out incidents like my video below that it was time for the hair to go. So my family being the coolest people ever that they are, decided to make a family event out of it haha. We all got together over at Jackie's house and not only shaved my head.. but all the guys went through it with me:) first we cut it into a baby looking haircut... i was sooo not cute ha.. and then onto the MOHAWKS! I definately found my inner punk once I got the haircut I've been too scared to get but always wanted to try. My families sense of humor makes it so much easier for me to keep my own sense of humor up and running through the tough times. Without them, this would be so much harder. I love you guys!!


  1. You look like Sonja or whatever her name is on SYTYCD. Love the punk look on you. You can pull off anything. Even BALD BABY!! Love you. Maybe I could be photo shopped in the girls photo.

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