Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blood, Blood, and More Blood...

Here are a few pictures of me just loving life while having to get blood transfusions:) I have had 3 so far and more are expected. Me and my mama have to sit in these beautiful blue chairs for about 5 hours, so you can imagine why I get a little upset everytime I find out I have to get another one...I usually handle blood pretty well but there is something about a bag of blood going into you that makes me feel a bit woozy. They usually cover it for me so i don't have to look at it.. but looking at blood is alot better than smelling the nurses food when I'm already trying my hardest not to puke in the first place... oh the joys:)


  1. Hi Tiffy!! :)
    How have you been? I would get woozy over blood too! Please please please ask Misty for my email and email mee..
    I miss you so much..
    I love you tons and I'm always thinking about you! I can't get you off of my mind.. I'm always thinking about you :)
    Love always.. ♥
    Lexie S.

  2. Hey Tiff, it's Chelsey,
    We all miss you back at home, I know exactly how you feel about blood, believe me I hate the smell especially, and I'm not a vampire or anything, but I hate the taste of it too, (long story), I'm coming up to Primary's (YUCK) on the 9th, I'll come visit you if you're there at the time. Love ya Tiff,