Thursday, November 5, 2009

ST. GEORGE....:)

Sooo what happened was I was really sick for like 2 weeks and so they figured out that I needed more blood... Before I got the blood I could not even walk in the hospital without stopping every few steps to sit down. It was amazing to me how weak I got. So the possibility of going to St. George was looking very slim. I got the blood and I literally got up and walked out of the hospital without taking a break. It was so crazy! I also hadn't eaten hardly anything for the whole time I was sick.. and after I got a bit of a threat from my nutritionist (saying she was going to feed me out of a tube if I didn't start eating haha) I decided to give it a try. So long story short I ate a whole Jimmy Johns sandwich hahaha its amazing what a little blood can do!! So since I was feeling great, my mom, me, Michelle, Jackie, and baby Olivia loaded up and drove to St. George for Mallory's wedding, to see all my besties, and to get away ... far away from the hospital:)


  1. It seems very suspicious that you had so much energy after your blood transfusion. It's almost like I've heard this same thing happening in a book. You don't happen to have a new boyfriend with marble smooth skin that glitters in the sun do you? I'm just sayin you might be a vampire.

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